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An observational research conducted revealed a lot about students on campus. You will be blown by what was unveiled. It took the team of researchers 3 months to observed high performing students as well as low performing student, to see how they spend their time, what they eat and what forms of entertainment they are engaged in. In the next episode, we explore the usage of their time and some time management skills they employed. it wont be what you expect to hear. Catch us next week for the update.

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Rewards time!
We heard you, we appreciate your patronage, so we are rewarding you. Visit shop rite at accra mall and westHills mall and get a free sample of your delicious Yomi yoghurt and loads of souvenirs.starting tomorrow 16th September to Sunday 18th September
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Yomi Yoghurt....a Must watch

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We appreciate it

For 15 years of providing solid nutrition to our nation, today we just think, it was because you accepted our offer at the time that is why we are where we are now. Thank you for believing in us, we appreciate it. Continue to enjoy your Yomi in a whole new level #myyomimoment #myyomirecipe. Thank  you, we appreciate this.

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Its Uploading........80%


Watch this space


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