Yomi Yoghurt

Yomi Strawberry $5.00 (5,00 GHS) each
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Yomi Vanilla $5.00 (5,00 GHS) each
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Yomi Pineapple $5.00 (5,00 GHS) each
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Yomi Plus Strawberry $5.00 (5,00 GHS) each
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Yomi Vanilla Plus Gallon $25.00 (25,00 GHS) each
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Yomi Strawberry Gallon $25.00 (25,00 GHS) each
( 0 )
Yomi Pineapple Gallon $25.00 (25,00 GHS) each
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Yomi Vanilla Gallon $25.00 (25,00 GHS) each
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Our Values



The finest standard.

Excellence is our preferred lifestyle and that is what we seek. We promote and live this culture with zeal. We believe in developing products with the finest standard that nourishes and promotes wellness. We do this using the best technology available through a dedicated team of talents because our consumers are our key stakeholders and we want to protect them with food of the highest standards of food safety and wellness in mind.  Food safety is our topmost priority.



Team Work

Together we can, yes we can.

We believe in the power of synergy and talents. We have learned from experience that a group can accomplish what an individual cannot do. Together we believe that we can win and build the first class nutrition and health organization we seek. We promote this culture with tolerance and motivate team players to share ideas and reward contribution to solving problems. We empower and trust our teams



Hard work

Just a little extra

We define hard work as just a little extra. Nothing worth having comes with ease. We understand that hard work beats talents when talent doesn’t work hard.

We have a lot of plans for the business and the communities we serve but we trust that they are only intentions if they do not degenerate into hard work. In this regard we live and engage our people in activities that employ their physical and mental efforts in rewarding ways that makes the business better, their families and promote their happiness at work.




Every one counts

We respect the diversity of culture and appreciate the backgrounds of each individual in our business and value chains. The Recognition of senior management, middle managers and the janitor plays an equal magnitude on our radar and complement each other. Our policy is to love and respect individuals irrespective of their cultural diversity. Each individual is as important to us as the Chairman or the CEO. We believe we can only build a global business on the premise of respect to all stakeholders in the business.





What is, is what isn’t, isn’t.

We promote a culture of candor that allows employees to speak their minds in a free and fair environment without fear with the highest level of integrity and diplomacy and in their reports, discussions and accountability.





Doing the same thing a new way or think again

We live the value of innovation and define it as doing the same thing a new way or think again. This promotes stakeholder value. We do this through solutions that meet new needs, unarticulated needs or existing market needs in unique ways.  We believe in and support innovative employees who increase productivity by creating and executing new processors to increase competitive advantage that provide meaningful differentiation.